Here are some prayer points that the Centre would really appreciate your prayer for:

  • For God’s power, wisdom and love in our work here at the Centre, amidst the great challenges we face daily;
  • Continue to pray for provision of food at the Centre Funds to hire more staff.
  • We thanks God that we found one house mother but we still need more.
  • We need a driver, a Store Keeper, Zero grazing men, and plough men.
  • Please keep praying for the salary to pay the Social Worker.
  • Keep praying for Charles Madhana’s full recovery, for funds for his food and psychiatric medication.
  • For Evans Mulavi healing and deliverance.
  • For the adaption of the Playground, the paving of the mud walk ways, building of boys’ dormitory. And a perimeter stone wall fence for security.
  • Provision of solar panels as alternative source of energy to electricity.